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When Should a Windshield Chip Be Repaired?

windshield chip repair

A chip is usually caused when a small rock or other object impacts a windshield. The point of impact or damaged spot can be in the form of a star, circle or pit. A chip is barely noticeable but has to be repaired immediately as an accumulation of dirt and debris into the area can make the repair less effective. Windshield wipers can force dirt into the chip and the windshield washer fluid (containing dyes) can discolor the area. If you are looking for windshield chip repair in Burlington, Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs can help. We also provide windshield replacement and window tinting services to our clients. No matter what extent of damage your windshield has suffered, our experienced team

can fix it.

When to Repair Windshield Chips?

It is essential to repair chips before the damage increases and your windshield has to be completely replaced. Here are a few instances where immediate action must be taken:

  • If the chip is in the driver’s line of sight

  • If there are more than three chips on the glass

  • The edge of the windshield is damaged 

  • If the chip penetrates more than half way into your windshield

If your windshield is made up of tempered glass, it cannot be repaired and has to be replaced.

What to Do When You Cannot Get the Chip Repaired Immediately?

Here are a few tips to prevent your chip from growing into a large crack when you cannot get it repaired immediately:

  • Use clear packing tape to cover the chip and keep the dirt out.

  • Do not wash the car, particularly with very cold water.

  • Do not push the chip from inside as even a little internal pressure can cause the chip to crack.

  • Do not use adhesives to fix the chip.

How Are Windshield Chips Repaired?

The windshield chip repair process takes about 30 minutes and involves these simple steps:

  • The windshield will be inspected to determine whether it can be repaired. The size of the chip and the amount of debris embedded into it will be assessed.

  • The chip is cleaned to make sure no moisture or debris accumulates inside it. If a significant amount of debris is trapped in the chip, a cloudy spot may form on the windshield (which could be a major problem if the chip is in the driver’s line of sight).

  • The chip is sealed with a special resin material and hardened using ultraviolet light. The resin dries and blends with the windshield glass. Any excess is removed to ensure the windshield’s surface is smooth.

Most of the comprehensive insurance plans include chip repairs. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have insurance as chip repair is not very expensive. It may cost around 50 dollars for the first chip and around 10-15 dollars for the additional ones. Repairing chips is preferred to replacing the entire windshield as the latter is an expensive process.

Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs offers windshield chip repair to its clients in Burlington and the surrounding areas. We also provide sunroof installation and repair services. For tips on how to prevent windshield cracks from growing, read our blog- How to Stop a Crack in Your Windshield from Growing.

For more information on our services, contact us today!

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Jul 30, 2023

The chip must be repaired instantly before it becomes a major trouble for your vehicle. I also consider rv glass repair on time whenever i see cracks on them because a minor crack can damage the whole windshield.

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