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A Complete Guide to the Importance of Vehicle Window Tinting

vehicle window tinting

Vehicle window tinting in Burlington can protect your car's interior by blocking out the sun's harmful UV rays. Leather seats, cloth seats, and dashboards can all fade and crack after sitting in the hot sun for years. This can hurt your car's resale value. Window tints block out a majority of UV rays that cause discoloration and damage. When window tint is installed by technicians from Canada Auto Glass, your car will look newer longer.




Tinted windows also provide protection for your skin. Tinting your windows means blocking up to 99% of UV rays to keep your skin safe and healthy.




Automotive window tints can keep your car cooler on a hot day. High temperatures create hazardous conditions, but tinted windows can keep your car up to 60% cooler during the hottest months. You'll spend less time waiting for your car to cool down when you tint your windows. Your car’s AC can run more efficiently as well, keeping you cool with less energy usage overall. 




Window tinting does more than keep your car looking aesthetically pleasing. It comes with safety benefits! While it’s not recommended to leave high value items unattended, tinted windows allow you to feel more comfortable leaving items in your car. Although window tints can't stop glass from completely shattering, it can minimize damage.




Vehicle window tinting in Burlington is important if you want to reduce solar heat from entering your car and diminish harmful UV rays from your car’s interior. There are different options for window tints to choose from. Our team of experts can help make the best recommendation and have your tint professionally installed. Schedule service with Canada Auto Glass in Burlington for professional work!

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