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How to Stop a Crack in Your Windshield from Growing

When you notice a small crack in your windshield, you might think that it's too small to worry about. Unfortunately, even a small crack can quickly grow to span the length of your windshield. Save yourself some trouble by taking care of it while it's still small. At Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs, we've seen our share of windshield cracks. Our Burlington windshield replacement technicians have put together some tips to help you stop a windshield crack from growing.

Get professional auto glass repair in Burlington 

The only real way to stop a windshield crack in its tracks is with professional auto glass repair. If you bring your car to a shop quickly enough, you may be able to avoid having your entire windshield replaced. By making it a priority to have your windshield repaired, you can ultimately save money.

However, we understand that your schedule may be hectic or that you may be on the road and unable to head straight to a repair shop, so here are some additional tips.

Try to park your car out of the elements

Strong sun, high temperatures, rain, snow, wind, and hail are all factors which can cause a windshield crack to spread. If you've noticed a small crack developing, then be mindful of where you park your car. Try to park indoors when you can or at least in the shade where you will avoid some sun and heat.

Purchase a glass repair kit

If you're not able to visit a Burlington auto glass repair shop but you are driving by an auto parts store, then consider purchasing an auto glass repair kit. Though only a temporary fix, following the instructions will allow you to seal and reinforce the crack. This will keep it from growing and buy you some time to get a professional repair.

Seal the crack with nail polish

In a real pinch, acrylic nail polish can also be used as a temporary DIY fix. The nail polish should, of course, be clear in colour so that it interferes as little as possible with your field of vision. First, you should gently clean the damaged area with some soap and water to remove any dirt and debris. Then, simply apply the nail polish on top and around the damaged area.

Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs: The Burlington Auto Glass Repair Experts

Not only can a large crack interfere with your field of vision when driving, but it can cause your windshield to shatter upon a secondary impact. This is why it is important to take your car to a Burlington auto glass repair shop as soon as possible. The technicians at Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs can most likely repair your windshield crack as long as it is less than 1.5 inches in length. For larger cracks, we also provide affordable windshield replacement in Burlington.

If you've noticed a crack in your windshield and want it dealt with quickly, just contact Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs today.