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Reliable Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement in Burlington

If you need windshield replacement in Burlington, Canada Auto Glass should be your first choice. Our technicians offer glass replacement, repair and installation services, including windshield, mirror and door glass for cars and trucks. The team is efficiently trained for handling all types of vehicles, no matter the make and model. You can count on us with your automobiles, as the parts we offer are of top-notch quality. Call us today to know more about our services.



At Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs, we are firm believers in building a solid relationship with our customers, built on trust. So, we use only the best products and brands to deliver quality work that’s built to last. Our trusted brands for windshield replacement in Burlington include:


Replacing your windshield is a long-term solution that offers benefits, including:

Sometimes due to collision or heavy external force, the windshield of a vehicle may get damaged which is beyond repair. In such a situation, you have no choice but to replace the windshield of your automobile. It is a long-term solution that offers benefits, including:

  • Clear Glass: When you install a new windshield in your automobile, you get a new and clear glass that provides better clarity while driving.

  • Ensures safety: Undamaged, crack-free windshield glass plays a vital role in your safety while you are on the road.



If you are experiencing low visibility because of the damage to your windshield, it is time to replace it. Here are some other signs to watch out for:

  • Cracks and Scratches: Cracks, chips or scratches on your windshield reduce the visibility of the road and can have dangerous consequences. Small cracks create mini blind spots which can be devastating.

  • Small Pits: If tiny, sharp gravel or rocks can come in contact with your car and stick to your windscreen, they can result in small pits on the surface.



Canada Glass & Sunroofs has the skills and experience to get the job done quickly and affordably. Our skilled technicians know just the right solution your car needs. As experienced professionals, we take pride in providing customer satisfaction through our services. So, we strive to maintain the quality work our workmen do. Give us a call today for our auto glass replacement services in Burlington. To learn more about our other services, such as window tinting and sunroof repair, fill out our online form.

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