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Professional auto glass replacement and repair in Burlington

When your vehicle‘s glass gets damaged or develops even a slight crack, there are chances of accidents and visibility issues arising. Instant repairing of the slightest crack goes a long way in maintaining the overall safety and longevity of your vehicle. Our technicians at Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs are always ready to provide you with auto glass replacement in Burlington, including top-notch service and prompt repairs to get you back on the road at the earliest. Call us to know more about our services.


You might not think very much about your windshield or windows unless they become dirty, scratched or broken. But your windows do more for your car than you think. In fact, they can comprise up to 40% of your car’s upper durability.


Trust the team at Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs to correctly install sturdy windows to strengthen your car. We can help with window tinting, crack and chip repair or windshield replacement in Burlington. When you need quick service customized to your unique car while you wait, rely on Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs.



Here are some of the glass services we provide:

  • Windshield Replacement - Your windshield accounts for 30% of your car’s structural strength. It’s essential to always maintain your safety on the road. If you notice a slight crack or chip in your windshield, immediately contact our technicians, who will replace it and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • Stone Chip Repair - If you notice your glass crack is smaller in size, then you can easily get it repaired. But if left ignored, windshield chip repairs can cause potential damage and require a complete replacement. Assessing the problem with your glass, our team comes up with many solutions to best suit your requirements.

  • Window Tinting - Keeping you cool during the summers, we provide professional window tinting services to decrease the heat within the car. Our high-quality Solar Guard tints prevent heat buildup inside the vehicle.

  • Sunroof Repair & Installation - Sunroof repair and installation for various makes of vehicles under one roof is one of our specialties. Our technicians expertly install quality sunroofs without any compromise on safety and perfection.



Each employee at Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs has at least 15 years of experience taking care of cars like yours. Our connection to various auto parts suppliers means that if we don’t have the part or material you need on hand, we can find it for you as quickly as possible.


We aim to make the repair or replacement process simple. You can either drop your vehicle off or contact us to pick it up. We’ll call your insurance company on your behalf and fill out any necessary paperwork. Once we've finished repairs on your car, we can deliver it to you for free. In many cases, we can also work while you wait, and you can leave with your car immediately after we finish.

Window Tinting


Help block out the sun with professional window tinting services from our team at Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs in Burlington.



Install a sunroof for your car or truck. We can work around dome lights, fixtures and ceiling consoles.

Free Pick-Up & Delivery


Schedule service today!


If you need anything from windshield installation to window tinting in Burlington, call Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs at 905-632-0047.

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