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Customizing Your Ride With Window Tints

Window tint

Window tints for vehicles are an inexpensive customization option that gives the greatest value for your money. Window tinting not only blocks heat and UV rays but also can be used to customize and stylize your ride the way you want. You can always count on Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs for quality window tinting services.

We provide easy and quick auto glass repairs and replacement services in Burlington. Our Solar Gard® tints will protect your car from sun rays and reduce interior heat during summer.

There are various benefits of window tinting. We’ve listed down a few of them for you:

  • Protects your interiors

The sun’s UV rays can turn the leather interiors of your ride into a faded mess. With window tinting, you can prevent your upholstery from fading, warping or cracking.

  • Provides additional privacy

There will be times when you want to keep a low profile while driving around the city, especially when you carry valuables. With window tinting, you won’t have to worry about people looking into your car.

  • Prevents the glass from breaking

We use high-grade films that prevent the auto glass from shattering into smaller shards during a collision. Even though the films provide protection during a crash, it doesn’t warrant an excuse for irresponsible driving.

  • Preserves a cool temperature inside the automobile

Along with blocking the sun’s rays, tinting also reduces the heat inside your car. This is very beneficial during the scorching summer months. With this feature, you don’t have to turn up your air conditioning, if you want to keep your interiors comfortable and cool.


Checklist to Maintain

For most drivers, window tinting is just a way to stylize, but it’s necessary to be careful. Follow this checklist to ensure that you are not making any mistake:

  • You have to be aware of your province’s tint laws

  • Do not turn your windows down while the film isn’t dry

  • Ensure your tints match the windows before job completion

Let Us Help

Window tinting service from Canada Auto Glass & Sunroofs will give your vehicle a custom look and protect you from harmful UV rays. Our technicians can suggest which window tint will be the most suitable for your automobile. We also provide interior vehicle services, such as the installation of quality leather seats and electric seat warmers. We can also help you with windshield cracks.

Call us today if you need window tinting services for your automobile.



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